Extended Preview for Fiend Fatale (2013)

If there is one thing the horror genre needs it is more badass female leads.

Writer/Director  must of noticed the severe lack of ass kicking chicks too and came up with a fantastic proof of concept called Fiend Fatale.

fiend fatale poster

Deep in the belly of the Atlanta, GA, CDC science spawned some incredibly amazing creatures (with killer legs to boot). Meet Lorelei (the mermaid), Mia (the demon), Alex (the werewolf ), Anne (the vampire) and Shelly (the zombie). Five genetically created creatures of the night – who also happen to be young, restless, and trapped in a government facility. Well, that is until Cordoba (played by ) accidentally busts them out of said facility and the girls finally have to face the real world – real threats and? Themselves.

As a were-fan, I instantly loved Alex. But admittedly, Shelly stole this preview. A bubble headed zombie chick? You don’t get more strangely amusing than that. Especially when she’s crying over the corpse of the lunch guy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you amiright?


And although Fiend Fatale is only a teaser in hopes to receive funding – this preview is enough for me to absolutely lend my support to the concept in anyway I can. The idea is incredibly entertaining (think a modern day 18  year old femme monster squad) and its execution even better. You may have seen Steven’s earlier stuff reviewed by Gores Truly before (like this) but his story telling and filmography has evolved immensely. And whoever was responsible for both the set and costuming? Good job.

What’s even better? Fiend Fatale doesn’t just come in animated pixels. There is even a comic book in the works based on this tale (score). The concept art below is just one of the many potential designs you can see on their official page.



So if you’re interested in supporting this project too – head over to their Facebook and website and spread the word.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fiendfatalemovie

Website: http://www.fiendfatale.com/

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