Saturday Morning Mystery (2012)

Like many kids, I grew up with Scooby Doo and and the gang. I woke up every weekend morning stoked to see the next spooky mystery they’d debunk and – yes – even had my very own mystery machine. So when I heard about Saturday Morning Mystery – a horror film that homages the Scooby gang in a modern and more violent fashion – I was in.


Saturday Morning Mystery is a low budget flick directed by Spenser Parons. It was filmed in just about ten days. And? If I didn’t know any better – I would never have guessed it was done so quickly and on such a short budget. Not only were most of the actors more skilled than I’ve seen in previous low budget flicks, but the cinematography was beyond that of your normally expected shaky-cam early starter film.

Saturday Morning Mystery is about a group of friends who, through chasing the dream of Chad (Adam Tate), stumble across a not-so-profitable but occasionally fun side business – ghost hunting. Unfortunately for them, business is not so good. It turns out that haunts, spooks, and other mysteries are really just perverts trying to cover up kiddo porn filming or drug rings. Huh.


But one night they get a call from a desperate banker trying to sell Keyser Mansion. You see, none of the maintenance workers hired to fixed up the abandoned property want to stay on property. Ghosts, ghouls, chupacabras – whatever else is in there – keep chasing them out.

With the prospect of making some serious cash, the crew heads out in their van full of equipment just to see what’s up with Keyser Mansion. And turns out there is something drastically peculiar/creepy/off about this half revamped estate. It was once owned by a religious couple with two beautiful children – who were later accused of satanism and murdering their own kids – needless to say the house was filled with super bad mojo.

Upon their arrival (and subsequent ignoring of a warning given by a local deputy) the fun really begins. Cue murder, elicit drug use, chasing dogs and creatures through multiple hall way doors (a perfect homage to Scooby Doo), random sex,  violence but? an ending that, although not entirely expected, wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be. That being said, the modern day twist on the old mystery gang was almost perfect. And? The special effects were unexpected and highly enjoyable. Ashley Spillers nailed the role of Nancy (Thelma). And you can never go wrong indulging in a movie that brings you back to being a kid. Except you know . . . all the aforementioned murder, drugs, and shit.

Saturday Morning Mystery is an entertaining off-beat horror comedy that I would recommend to anyone who has a few free hours and a cold case of beer. It should be available soon on DVD; until then you can catch updates on their official Facebook (named after the original film title, Saturday Morning Massacre). And for you horror fans out there – keep and eye out on Spensor Parsons. Chances are this guy will be doing awesome things for our genre in the future.


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