Shop ’til You Drop Dead: Toilet Clings

Are you a horror geek like we are?  Are you always on the lookout for the next most-ridiculous bit of gore, blood, and horror nastiness you can decorate your home with?  Maybe just during the month of October . . . or maybe all year long?  Who are we to judge?

The fact is . . .  we’d probably be more likely to judge you if you don’t have this kind of shit in your home.  *giggles*

Shit like this:

Found at:

Found at: Neato Shop 

You see what I did there?

Yes, it is exactly what it looks like – an evil clown sprouting from your toilet.  Or someone’s toilet.  But it could be your toilet if you were cool enough.

Are you cool enough?

Perhaps you just aren’t into clowns. Have a bit of coultrophobia mayhaps?  Fine.  Maybe you’d prefer this one:


Oh, sorry. Arachnophobia issues then?  Maybe this one’s more your style:


AWW C’MON NOW!!!  Surely not every one of these strikes fear into your soul.  It’s not like the scary things are coming out of your toilet . . . not REALLY . . .

Not right this very minute anyway.


Fine, fine.  If these are just too much for ya, what about this little fella?


That’s right.  Everyone loves the Great White.  And he looks so happy to greet you too.

Everybody poops, it’s true.  So do it in style – at least for your 2013 Halloween Party.  Just don’t blame us if your guests pee on the floor.

Most of these clings – and other fun horrors – can be found at


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