Killer Art: Becca’s Bombshells

The MurderHers love our ladies who love horror! So imagine how excited we were to stumble across the Art of Becca Whitaker. Becca does some incredible sketches – including homages to our favorite Universal Monsters.

kill bill bride of frakenstein

Meg: Tell us about yourself (including a fun fact). Where are you from – what inspires you and when did you start drawing?

Becca: I am currently living about an hour outside of Chicago, a small town called DeKalb. I like to describe it as an island on a sea of corn. I’ve been drawing as far back as I can remember.

I started with people that looked an awful lot like Charles Schulz Peanuts characters and over the years they have morphed into the cartoony pin-ups I draw today.

As far as inspiration my art is super inspired by pop culture. I am obsessed with movies, TV, books, comics and that all sort of funnels into my brain and comes out of my pen.

Meg: We’re absolutely smitten over your Bride of Frankenberry and Creature pictures. Tell us about your love of horror. Favorite films? What influence does the horror genre have over your art?

Becca: I freaking love horror movies and I have seen a lot. I think my favorite genre of horror is the Giallo flick. My favorite movie is All the Colors of the Dark with the amazing Edwige Fenech directed by Sergio Martino, I’m also a Dario Argento nut. Another giant horror obsession is Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies. Of course, I draw tons of classic Universal-inspired monsters too, like the Creature and the Bride. I think the Italian horror sort of inspires the way I color, Raimi adds a bit of humor & style, and the Universal monsters are iconic – how can you not want to draw them!

countess chocula

Meg: Let’s talk pin-up! Who or what inspires you and why? 

Becca: I knew the first time I saw Bettie Page that I wanted to be a pin-up artist. To create beautiful, fun, and sexy images of women in that classic style. I owe a lot to that woman, she has been a huge inspiration and I wish she was still around so I could thank her!

MegHow can readers find your art and potentially pick up a sketch or a shirt? Do you have any plans on attending conventions in the future?

Becca: I post a lot of the art I create on my Facebook page  or my Tumblr:

I’m always available for commissions and people can email me for more information:

Or if you are looking for a fun t-shirt or some stickers you can check out my Red Bubble shop!


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