Trailer: Murderdrome (2013)


Director/Writer: Daniel Armstrong


Cherry Skye just wants to skate, but the vengeful ghost of a killer has plans for her soul. Trapped between the wrath of love scorned and supernatural evil, Skye races towards The MurderDrome at breakneck speed. When she gets there there’s no guarantees anyone is coming out alive.


Thoughts: Slasher exploitation mixed with roller derby?! I’m in. I hope it is as ridiculous as the trailer promises. Thank you Strongman Pictures Entertainment & Monster Pictures for bringing the world something it shamelessly needs – ROLLER DERBY HORROR! I’m sure there will be derby stereotypes and cliches abounding but I guarantee this flick will also be gushing with familiar slasher-exploitation horror tropes. I hope that it’s all done in a quirky, off-the-wall, tongue-in-cheek manner . . . and look forward to the accents. Dear Australia, I love you even more for just coming up with this idea and making it happen onscreen.

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