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As a monster movie fan – I can never pass a SyFy special that promises not just monsters – but hundreds of them. Especially when they’re my favorite kind of beast. So when Battledogs was announced, I was extremely excited. However, I also knew that as a SyFy feature, I wasn’t going to get cinematic horror gold. What I was given was a pretty interesting film – one of the few I can even think of that decided to incorporate lycanthropes on such a larger scale. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans would be the other – and really, who can top that?


It seems werewolves are suddenly the new zombies, the infected transform almost immediately and continue to feast in a blood bath. But no fear, the U.S. Military manages to keep the situation secluded to the airport. Through the use of gas and rounds up, all the infected are herded into a prison camp of sorts while they figure out what the hell just happened.

And then begins the tried and true old zombie, I mean, werewolf story – the military/government vs us. Even if us happens to be a bunch of werewolves. Donna befriends a Major with a sorted spotted past, and said Major simultaneously manages to piss of the Lt. General who decides werewolves would be a totally amazing edition to modern warfare. Backstabbing, death attempts, and the escape of all the infected into Manhattan occur and eventually Donna is identified as patient zero. It’s discovered she holds the anti-bodies within her to cure this. Cool right? Well, not again if you’re Lt. General douche-canoe who wants to infect his soldiers and send feral toxin carrying beasts out against our country’s enemies.

With the help of the Major and Dr. Ellen Gordon (a CDC doctor), Donna makes her escape in an attempt to not only save her life – but to try to undo all that she’s done by bringing this ailment to our shores.


Needless to say? This wasn’t actually a bad movie at all. The concept was interesting when applied to monsters other than zombies, and the acting wasn’t too shabby.  Admittedly, I was rather impressed. On top of that, the CGI wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t good – but it wasn’t absolutely terrible like some other werewolf flicks. They only looked like giant rats once in a while. And seeing hundreds of beasts running through populated streets? Made my little monster fan girl heart explode in happiness. The actual filming of the movie was executed flawlessly, so kudos to the camera men and editors on this one.  I have to admit SyFy films are slowly but surely getting more ridiculous – but increasing in quality as well.

Seen Battledogs? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Director: Alexander Yellen
Writer: Shane Van Dyke
Stars: Craig Sheffer, Dennis Haysbert, Kate Vernon, ArianaRichards


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