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Okay, let’s talk turkey here.  You should have seen Pacific Rim in the theaters.  Yes, you.  And you.  And you too.

No, I don’t want to hear about how it looked like a brainless popcorn flick.   Don’t you give me that noise – you and I both know you plopped down money for the latest Superhero tentpole movie, Independence Day, and/or every Michael Bay ‘masterpiece’ ever made.  This is no judgment on those films BTW.  Popcorn flicks are the perfect summer fare – easy to watch, fun, escapist cinema.  They are Visual Entertainment’s version of an inner tube rafting afternoon, and we all need those regularly.

Which is great and all.  Except that Pacific Rim is so much more.   has crafted a stunningly beautiful world, based on a detailed universe created by screenwriter Travis Beachem.  On the surface, it seems like a simple story:  Giant monsters called “Kaiju” invade Earth and giant robots called “Jaegers” are created to fight them.  But it’s not that simple.  Not by a long shot.


Yes, Pacific Rim is big and loud and jaw-droppingly spectacular.  But it’s also small and personal, and the way in which the world could be saved actually means something.  It’s about an inclusive world-view and connecting with one another on a higher level.  It’s about respect vs. obedience and inner strength vs. macho action bullshit.  It’s about respecting science, about respecting people without fetishizing them, and about human connections in an inhumane world.

It’s fucking beautiful is what it is.

I can almost see you now, reading this with your head tilted sideways thinking, “FFS De7en the movie is a cartoon come to life”.  And you’re not wrong.  It’s that too.  My inner 8-year-old – the one who wanted to marry Godzilla – squealed through the entire movie.  The Kaiju are huge and scary and intense.  The Jaeger mechs are cool as hell, and the numerous fights between the two are so exciting repeated viewings only make them MORE spectacular.


All I’m saying is that it’s much, much, MUCH more than this.  It deserves sequels.  It deserves prequels.  It deserves its own TV show.  I want to know more about the Kaiju, the Precursors, the Jaegers, and their pilots.  I want more graphic novels like Tales From Year Zero.

I’m completely and totally addicted with this world and all of the incredible detail that’s gone into its creation.  It’s not often you’ll hear me say something like this, but here you go:  Pacific Rim is one of my all-time Favorite Movies.  Ever.

So with that in mind – you too can finally join this obsession.  Next month – October 15th – Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures releases Pacific Rim on home video (DVD, Blu Ray, Digital Download, etc).  Watch it.  Buy it.  Love it.  And then join me in the Drift…  Because you can always find me in the Drift.  <3

If you’re feeling super-saucy, you can even pick up this super-spectacular Blu Ray combo with its own Gipsy Danger statue!!!


And go ahead and get the Soundtrack too. You’ll thank me.  *jams to her copy*

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