Hellevision: Sleepy Hollow (2013) Season One Premiere


So this Tuesday I was suckered into watching the series premiere of Sleepy Hollow. You know, the new show on Fox that takes the super nerdy school teacher we all know and love and makes him a tall, dark, and handsome cup of demon fighting man pie.

And? I wasn’t all that disappointed. Not to say this is an amazing show. Hannibal, for instance, is what I consider an amazing show. From the very first episode, I was hooked, bordering on almost far too eagerly wanting more. No . . . Sleepy Hollow isn’t that. What it is, however, is mildly entertaining with the potential for some really amazing creature effects. But I digress . . .


Sleepy Hollow is set in modern day times. Abbie Mills is a local kick ass cop leaving town to join the FBI. Well, that is until a headless horseman beheads her  partner, who is obsessed with the occult, in a barn as a stranger simultaneously appears. He claims he is hundreds of years old and served George Washington. Yeah, how’s that for super quick insane plot explosion all at once? It only gets better. Turns out Mr. 200+ years old is Ichabod Crane, a man who not only served our forefathers, but did so by beheading one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (and was also banging a pretty powerful witch). And now he’s here – to do it all over again (kinda not by choice really since he’s “blood bound” to the headless horseman) or the world will succumb to darkness.

AND THE PLOT THICKENS. As does the potential for multiple seasons. Ichabod makes it very clear to Officer Abbie Mills that their futures are entwined for “seven years” before they either stop the devil or help mankind into its swift fiery end. But she seems up for it. Hell, she even ditches the FBI and basically gives the middle finger to not only her career but potentially her sanity and life.

The plot is super silly. Because fuck you American History. But somehow no matter how rushed it was – it kind of worked. Witches still live in this town (once Sleepy Hollow) and you never know who is serving the dark side and who is serving the light. What’s even better? The next episode promises more demons, witches, and creatures of the night that are bound to satisfy monster fans despite semi inconsistent plot lines.


With actual police procedures, a rushed and silly plot (and holes within said plot you could drive a horse carriage through), and acting that’s not too shabby, Sleepy Hollow was rather enjoyable. Even if it’s hard to believe the 7-up commercial guy runs the police force. The special effects and ambiance are executed quite beautifully even if only briefly in some scenes.

All in all, I think I’ll give this series at least a few more episodes. If nothing else, it’s at least mindless fun with demons, and really who could want anything more than that in a monster-fluff filled TV series?

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