Shop ‘Til you Drop Dead: More Pacific Rim Goodies!


So you’ve seen Pacific Rim, have you?  And maybe you’re one of the throngs of us who simply can’t get your hands on enough Pacific Rim merchandise to fill your obsessive little soul?  Well, buddy – THIS is the webpage for you!

We’ve already covered the upcoming home video release, soundtrack, and graphic novel previously.  But never you fear, because there’s a whole lot MORE out there you fellow Pacific Rim maniacs.

If you’re still looking for more official goodies, NECA continues to roll out its series of related action figures – including Jaegers and Kaiju.  They’re a little more challenging to find, due to the limited number originally released and the ever-growing demand.  But they’re there if you look!   Also available (yet even harder to find) are the Pacific Rim HeroCLIX figures.  They may be small, but the detail on them are pretty sweet – they’d made any Kaiju Groupie proud.


Or if you’re able to afford High Art statues – then you’ll definitely want to check out what SideShow Collectibles is up to.  They’re currently taking pre-orders on four separate – and gorgeous – Pacific Rim statues.  Yes, they’re expensive – but this is SideShow and they don’t make statues as much as statuary ART for your geektastic home.  Gipsy Danger, Knifehead, Slattern, and Striker Eureka are currently available for pre-order.  Do me a huge solid, would you – drop them a line and ask for an Otachi statue for me/you/everyone?  BECAUSE REASONS!



That’s not enough for you?  Oh, just you wait, because there’s a metric fuck-ton of great fan-made and hand-made Pacific Rim-inspired goodies out on the interwebs!  If you’re a t-shirt collector, you’ll want to check every day – they are a link-aggregator of many of the “Shirt of the Day” sites out there.  Those sites have had a lot of popular Pacific Rim-related shirts lately – so it’s a site you’ll want to check on a regular basis.   Or if you want to skip the middle man, go straight to RedBubble – who currently have TONS of Pacific Rim design styles available.  They’re a little bit pricier than most of the daily t-shirt sites, but their options are nearly unlimited (with new shirts added almost every day) and you can get their designs on a whole bunch of different products – even laptop and iPad/iPhone covers!

What? That’s not good enough for you?  You’re looking for things which are a little more unique and special?  FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE, DUDE – and those who love Pacific Rim.  Do ya like tea?  Are you a tea-drinking, Jaeger-loving, Kaiju-cuddling kind of geek?  Then what YOU need is Adagio Teas.  <— This linkie here will take you directly to my personal favorite fandom blend, but there are at least a few others which are PR-related.  But don’t stop – other wonderful nerds have made many other wonderful fandom blends so you should check around and test to see which are your favorites.  :)

Last, but not least, there is the vast cornucopia of geektacular awesome which is Etsy.  You’ll have to scour through some non-movie items, but if you keep your peepers peeled you’ll see tons and TONS of amazing hand-made items from other Kaiju-lovers.  My personal favorite seller?  N3rdyGirlDesigns who has a whole line of SO TOTALLY ADORBS plushie Pacific Rim items.


Go forth and Geek-Out!  BTW – should you find any we’re not aware of – PLEASE SHARE, we’re always looking for more goodies to share!

Oh, and if you’re looking for some non-merchandise-y Pacific Rim fan-made GREATNESS… well then look over on YouTube at the what these amazing bastards did:

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