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For the past few nights my life have been wrapped up in murder and mayhem. I fully blame Ska Studios and their newest game Charlie Murder for it. As much as I should be peeved at myself (and also at them) for distracting me from the important things like homework and a social life, I just can’t. Because Charlie Murder has to be one of the most fun side scroller games I’ve played in years.

Charlie Murder is a highly violent 4-player basher game that allows you choose from one of five characters. The whole point is to beat the hell out of demons, zombies, those creepy Asian ghost thingies, and other horrors. Oh, also to stop Charlie’s ex pissed off band-mate from destroying the world and stuff. Simple, but? Effective.

Charlie is the lead vocalist of the band and basically the “warrior.” Through RPG-aspects of the game you can raise his skills and abilities to include wielding two weapons at a time. Lester Death, the guitarist is like the Gandalf of the game – he has a pretty rad ability that consumes souls. Then there’s Rex, the big tank and one of the only characters that can lift cars and chuck them at the hordes of fast approaching imps. Also playable is Tommy Homicide, the bassist. And my favorite? Kelly Skeleton, the trumpet player. Why? Well because she’s the only chick – and beyond that it she’s fast as hell.


Together, you and your band-mates set out across multiple areas, gain skills, pick up sweet gear like pumpkin heads, hockey masks, granny sweaters, bear paws, etc. (the “bosses” drop the best), make beer to up your health points and skills, and get tattoos to increase your special abilities (and to show off the tats you can choose to run around with “invisible clothing”). You can even combine forces through performing killer mosh pits, etc.

There is almost a limitless number of worlds, gear, and other special things to unlock in this game. And although most non-stop brawlers get kind of dull, it’s the small side stories and mini games that keep things interesting after three straight hours of smashing things against other things (namely creepy hellion things). And the soundtrack to the game is fantastic. The price tag is just $10; so if you’re looking for a highly violent version of Castle Crashers and a good way to spend a few hours with friends,  Charlie Murder is the way to go.


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