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I recently stumbled upon Casting Shadows and The Entertainment Experiment. And I must say, I haven’t been this excited about an independent project in some time. The Entertainment Experiment is an online distribution network and production company which “seeks to foster growth and exposure of new media storytellers in Maine.” And Casting Shadows is a great way to showcase the darker works of local independent filmmakers. 

I’m pretty excited for the variety of horror that has been included in this anthology so far. And short films are such a great way to tell a horror story – like spooky campfire stories transposed for film. After watching the first episode, I reached out to The Entertainment Experiment and co-founder, Greg Tulonen, graciously took some time to answer a few of my questions.

Casting Shadows

Courtesy of The Entertainment Experiment

GT: What was the drive behind creating Casting Shadows?

Greg Tulonen (The Entertainment Experiment): We feel like the anthology series is a forgotten form, one that used to be quite popular, with shows such as Twilight Zone and Night Gallery and Playhouse 90.  We wanted to bring it back, and the web is a terrific platform upon which to launch such an endeavor.  People are already consuming entertaining short videos all over the web.  We’re just giving them a one-stop shop for a certain underrepresented genre:  The horror short.  Host Kathryn Coccyx’s terrific wrap-arounds provide some continuity from episode to episode.

GT: What types of horror does The Entertainment Experiment intend to showcase through this webseries?

Greg Tulonen (The Entertainment Experiment): We’re open to any and all types of horror, limited only by the imaginations and ingenuity of local filmmakers.  We’ve got a zombie comedy coming up for Halloween that’s a lot of fun, but the kind of horror we feature most often is the kind that creeps up on you, making you feelKat1 uneasy and disquieted before the hammer finally drops.

GT: Do you foresee this extending beyond indie Maine filmmakers?

Greg Tulonen (The Entertainment Experiment): No.  The mission statement for the show and for The Entertainment Experiment network is to provide a forum exclusively for Maine filmmakers.  There are plenty of room on the web for everybody.  This is just our little corner of it.

GT: What are your hopes for the series?

Greg Tulonen (The Entertainment Experiment):  As with every show featured on The Entertainment Experiment, our hope is to discover and promote local talent.  That’s the whole point of this enterprise.  Beyond that, with Casting Shadows, we’d like to provide a few thrills and chills for our audience, and keep them coming back for more.

Don’t take my word for it – go check out this Maine-based gem of a webseries over on The Entertainment Experiment and keep an eye out for reviews of each episode!

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