Gross Enough to Eat: Edible Body Parts


We here at Gores Truly love sharing all of the horror-related food goodies that we can find.  And MAN OH MAN do we have something to share!

For the past few years, EvilCakeHead over in England – and Kraken Rum –  has sponsored an “Eat Your Heart Out” pop-up cake-shop in London with some of the most creative – and disgusting – cakes, pastries, and other goodies to eat. Different bakers and cake-makers sell their Halloween-ready desserts to the delight of people just like us.  This year’s theme:  Macabre Liquor Chocolates.

This year there’s a new name contributing some intensely REAL-looking delights: All Mine Patisserie.


Doesn’t that just look… tasty?


How about this?  You know you want to bite on this, don’t pretend you don’t.

Quite honestly, we can’t wait to see what these dessert goddesses will come up with next!   If you’re crazy enough to try this – or think you can do better – share your creativity with us and we’ll help you spread the word!  And don’t skimp on the rum, okay?

More information about All Mine Patisserie and Evil Cake Head’s Eat Your Heart Out 2013 can be found here:


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