Casting Shadows: Are You The Walkers

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 Review: If you’re a fan of spooky folklore and supernatural tales, this short may just be something you’d enjoy. What it really reminded me of was a the very beginnings of a wendigo legend set in snow-struck Maine. . . Are You the Walkers is scattered with a few outré moments but the pacing at the beginning is a bit slower than I would have liked. For an introductory episode, I believe that Casting Shadows has so much potential as an anthology series. I enjoy the personality that Kathryn Coccyx brings to the introduction of the short film, Are You the Walkers, as well as her farewell to viewers.  Coccyx definitely has room to grow into this role of herself as a character-host. I look forward to seeing what unique quirks she brings to it while also giving the occasional hat-tip to late night spooky TV hosts such as the dark mistress, Elvira.

 Are You The Walkers? — directed by Derek Kimball. This film continues in the spirit of the traditional supernatural folktale. Two men seek to deter a creeping divergence in their friendship by retreating deep into the Maine woods for the weekend. Caught in a sudden and severe blizzard, their relationship unravels as they are visited by a voice that calls to them from the storm.

Casting Shadows was Produced and Created by Barry Dodd for The Entertainment Experiment Network.

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