The Invoking (2013)


The Gores Truly MurderHers love reviewing independent horror films. Sometimes we’re even blown away by the quality of story, blossomed from the hearts and minds of some of the most fantastic (and hopefully up-and-coming) people of the horror genre. Indie flicks are usually refreshing to watch, even if they aren’t always as high quality as a Hollywood production. They give us hope for the future of film-making.

8620281368_8c7af81d63But sometimes we watch movies, like The Invoking (previously Sader Ridge) which we really weren’t impressed with. According to IMDB, this movie has over seven out of ten stars . . . and has a glorious review done by Chris Alexander of Fangoria. Maybe I just didn’t get this movie. Perhaps it was just too “cerebral” or slow paced for me – by the end of it I was less than pleased that I had spent so much time just hoping it would get better. In The Invoking‘s defense, the story had potential to be a really great story. A young girl returns to a place she hardly remembers and attempts to discover her past. In doing so, she awakens some memories that change her forever. Sounds like if executed properly it could have lead to a very exciting, twisted film, right? However, it was not executed well at all. Matter of fact, it was executed so poorly I almost walked away several different times. And that wasn’t the writer’s fault . . .  not really. It was just an unfortunate blend of horridly rigid and obviously-scripted acting, editing that perhaps cut far too much out, unnecessary scenes, and some unexplained apparent “spooks” that just felt forced and out of flow.

SaderRidge_DAngeloMidili_Trin-MillerI can’t really comment much on the plot beyond the description mentioned above because adding details would read just as awkwardly and jumpy as the film itself. Sometimes people were possessed by a dead abusive father, but maybe they weren’t? Who knows. Then again, as also mentioned above, maybe I just didn’t get it. The Invoking has won some awards and is set for release on video for the masses to either enjoy or to blink in confusion as I did. I can’t recommend that anyone watch this, but if you have seen it or get around to watching it, I’d love to hear your thoughts (whether in agreement or opposition). Check out the trailer and official plot for yourself.

Plot: For years Samantha has wondered about where she came from. After inheriting a house from the family she never knew, Sam and three friends take a road trip to inspect the remote property. Soon after Sam arrives old memories come seeping back to her subconscious while jealousy and unspoken tension between the friends is forced to the surface. As relationships unravel, so does Sam’s sanity. She soon finds herself unable to tell the difference between reality and the horrible visions of brutality she can’t escape. While her world crumbles, Sam discovers that the current horrors may be tied directly to her past.


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