Casting Shadows: Parallaxis


I really enjoy how Casting Shadows reels an audience in with this episode. The chalk scraping on rock – brilliant sound. Parallaxis is a short about an impending apocalypse caused by an incoming asteroid. It’s really more of a brief look at isolation and how the mind breaks down when faced with the overwhelming certainty of the end. It’s bleak and hopeless (though one character tries to hold onto hope) and has a depressing ending without actually showing any apocalypse. If you watch it, please share your thoughts!

Parallaxis – Due to planetary catastrophe, a young couple flees an overpopulated city wrought with panic, social unrest, and murderous intent. They travel to a secluded island searching for solace only to find that physical distance cannot save them from the madness that the universe has bestowed upon the world. Written and directed by Regina Bartholomew. Cinematography by Marc Bartholomew. Starring Kris Stratos and Crystal Rose Vaccaro.

Casting Shadows was Produced and Created by Barry Dodd for The Entertainment Experiment Network.

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