Spooky Empire 2013 Convention Review


The MurderHers just got back from an amazing weekend at Spooky Empire’s Horror Convention here in Orlando, Florida. As locals – we haven’t missed a single Spooky Con (including MayHem) and we were extra glad to attend this year. Spooky had an amazing line up of guests including Doug Bradley, George Romero, Dee Snider and many more. Beyond the guests there were a ton of activities to get involved in this year including the annual car show, showings of both Rocky Horror and Repo, panels and Q&A’s, and of course, the infamous late night pool parties.

Costumes: This year we were blown away by both the quality and quantity of costumes at the show. Some of the ladies there KILLED it (see below for photos) and the showing at the costume contest on Sunday was astronomical.

Guests: The guests were fantastic this year – all welcoming, talkative, and totally appreciative of the fans. Patricia Quinn several times leapt from behind her booth to take photos with fans both in and out of costume and the same went for Ve Neill and Glenn Hetrick. Meg was lucky enough to spend a few moments talking to (and fangirling) over Julia Adams, who was super humble and rather astonished by the sheer fandom still around for The Creature and her role in the film.

Dealer’s Room/Panels/Q&A: The Dealer’s Room was far more spacious than previous years and instead of simply being filled with the usual vendors, there was a special focus on arts and special effects vendors, each proudly displaying their nods to horror or providing demos for crowds on how to properly apply zombie makeup. Most celebrity Q&A’s were packed and like Spooky tradition, they were all filled with laughter and actors who didn’t hesitate to answer any question with enthusiasm and patience.

We’re looking forward to next year’s MayHem and want to thank the show organizers and staff for making another awesome year. Check out some of the photos below of some of the costumes we snapped (or borrowed) around the con – this year? The ladies blew us all away.

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