Rot ‘n’ Roll: “Regret” by LEVELS – Music Video

If there is one thing universal about the living (and sometimes the undead) – it’s that we all dig music. And much like some of  our choice movies – the MurderHers enjoy a little violence in our jams.

Our friends over at Rotting Soil, the creative cats who brought us Gary’s Garden a few years back, are at it again! With this most recent music video project, Rotting Soil combines their twisted talents in special FX and make-up with LEVELS indie-rock sound. The music video begins rather innocently – just a show in a cozy venue with the lead singer crooning away the first few phrases. But then . . . in bizarre Rotting Soil fashion . . . things take a turn for the twisted . . .

© 2013 Rotting Soil / Milk Mountain Music
LEVELS – “Regret” [Official Music Video]

“Regret” is from the EP by LEVELS available now on iTunes.

LEVELS is Cody Wilson, Roxor Evensen and Mikey Rollingchild.

Directed by Eric Ekman
Produced by Ben Hethcoat
SFX Makeup
Rachelle Blanco
Regina Bang
Melissa Stern
Michael Cypher

Rachael Hranka
Monica Chamberlain

1st AD
Mark Register

Visual Effects
David Rowley

2nd Camera
Michael Felker

Grip / Gaff / Electric
Clay Folden
Andrew Ford
Cory Gath

Deron Williams

The Hoard
Thomas Adisi
Jamie Doyle
Clay Folden
Andrew Ford
Jaclyn Hauser
Flannery Lunsford
Evan McNary
Andrew Martin
Brittany Morrill
Christina Morris
Julie Murray
Kevin Murray
Nora Nagatani
Rhian Paige
Andrew Phan
Christine Reed
Michael VanSchoick
Corsica Wilson
If I was dead,
I’d be an angel.
I’d sing with them
Cause their all sad like me.

If I was dead,
I’d run the sky hood.
I’d follow you around,
Cause you’re the one for me.

But you know good as well
That you’re going strait to hell, my friend.
That’s why they call it regret. (x2)

If I was dead,
Angel to angel.
I’d buy you a house
One where we both could fix.

But you know good as well
That you’re going strait to hell, my friend.
That’s why they call it regret. (x3)

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