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All horror has to start somewhere – and recently? Kickstarter has spawned some really awesome shit for this community. So we decided to start a series based solely on promoting some of the awesome horror-related kickstarters out there and this is from one of our awesome friends – Kitty Zombie. Kitty Zombie is a well-known character in the Chicago and horror convention circuit and is probably one of the most creative original and bubbly zombie characters we know.

This short film is backed by John LaFlamboy (the creator of the popular Zombie Prom events and also directs/produces and writes independent projects like The Moleman of Belmont Avenue starring Robert Englund) and Mike Meyer (producer of the web series Days of the Living Dead) among others. And because there is a severe lack of adorable child-friendly horror stuff out there, we look forward to backing this kickstarter ourselves and look forward to seeing The Adventures of Kitty Zombie get its chance at being made.

About Kitty Zombie:

Kitty donned his no signature Red Goggles and rusted, black armor for the first time on April 26th, 2008, at HAuNTcon in Houston Texas. The bumbling, hulking zombie that is now so well loved had no idea this fun night with Zombie Army Productions would turn into the ride it has become. Ever since that fateful night, Kitty has gone on to host a number of his own zombie-themed events, including : “Plague Day at the Faire” at the Bristol Renaissance Faire,  “Retro Zombie Tiki Terror” at the beautiful Tiki Terrace, and “Zombies on Ice” at the ice rink in Millennium Park, Chicago.

You can also see Kitty as a judge and host for Chad Savage’s “Zombie Pin Up” contest at Flashback Weekend and at Zombie Army Productions “Zombie Prom”.

When not playing with other zombies, Kitty travels for appearances and guest at Horror, Comic, and Sci-fi conventions around the country.

What the Kickstarter it’s all about:

“The Adventures of Kitty Zombie” is a proposed family friendly short film that tells the story of how Kitty Zombie escapes the evil military scientist that created him and finds friendship and refuge with a group of neighborhood kids in their secret tree house. With the military on his trail and a brand new world in front of him, Kitty’s only chance at freedom lies in the hands of his new little friends. Evil Scientists, Monsters, Tree Houses, Ninjas, and Kitty Zombie!

This project can only happen with YOUR HELP. Please visit our Official Website and Kickstarter Campaign and join the Kitty Zombie Family!


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