Kickstarting Horror: America in the Shadows

As you have probably guessed by now, we ladies at GT are all about helping out independent horror get to their wobbly zombie legs and shamble off to terrify the populace. And one of the best, and expeditious ways to help such creators is through Kickstarter. So in another addition to Kickstarting Horror we present to you, America in the Shadows.

With only 8 days left, and a goal of $15,000, actress Amber Sym (Countessa Lenore) and writer Bruce Wood (Cassadega) want to take their original webseries Amber in the Shadows and its mega campy sub program Florida in the Shadows on the road for a bigger, scarier, sexier travel show America in the Shadows.

Amber in the Shadows was a clever ruse where the viewer believed they were following the YouTube vblog of sexy aspiring actress Amber. Each episode she philosophizes about life, love, and the daily struggles of a model turned indie actress only to discover her dream job as horror hostess Countessa Lenore might actually be a nightmare! It was a long burn story told through Amber’s vblog and Florida in the Shadows webisodes. Florida in the Shadows and Countessa Lenore do not take themselves too seriously with the cheeky, over the top sex appeal and dialog. It is classic horror cheesecake reminiscent of Elvira.

And it was pretty darn successful.

Take a look at their teaser for America in the Shadows.

I was able to sit down with sassy Countessa Lenore/Amber and take a look at what she wants to bring to the horror table:

Gores Truly (GT): We’re dying to know what it’s like to be campy, sexy, spooky fun Countessa Lenore?

Amber Sym (AS): Being Countessa is an empowering thrill. It’s a rush embodying a character so confident, witty, and extravagant.

GT: Florida in the Shadows went to lots of spooky Florida hotspots. What kind of Americana will America in the Shadows show us?

AS: For the pilot episode we’re sticking close to home with a couple of new locations here in Central Florida. Once the show gets picked up by a network (fingers crossed) we’ll make our way across the continental United States and explore the most interesting locations we can find.

GT: In America in the Shadows what kind of excitement will we see?

AS: The new format will include re-enactments of the haunted legends. We want the show to be funny and sexy but also terrifying. A cornucopia of emotional responses if you will! I’m going to have a new costume that will look less like a superhero and more like a seductress. And the sexy challenge outfits will be commissioned pieces of costuming goodness that better correlates with the locations explored in the episodes.

GT: If you could go anywhere, where are your dream horror locations to visit?

AS: I’m a big fan of The Shining so my top pick would be The Stanley Hotel. And I’d want to drive along that twisty road listening to “Rocky Mountains” from the The Shining soundtrack. My other dream location would be the sanitarium I had a terrifying experience at when I was in High School in Michigan. That one would require reaching within to summon up some courage.

GT: How did you become Horror Hostess Countessa Lenore?

AS: When I moved to Florida I met a bunch of photographers that also were filmmakers and that led to some acting opportunities. I kept working on my craft, they kept giving me gigs and eventually I signed on to star in Bruce’s web-series project. We both loved the Countessa character so much that we decided she deserved her own television show!

GT: What would you like to bring to women in the horror genre?

AS: I want female horror fans across the country to witness Countessa going to all of these haunted locations, doing shit to stir up the paranormal and not letting anything stand in her way! All while wearing a sexy outfit and a self-confident smile.

GT: What are your fave horror films and why?

AS: My all time favorite horror film is The Shining. I was late to the Jack Nicholson bus but I’m going to be the last one to get off of it! My favorite recent horror film is The Conjuring. It was so good it made me never want to watch it again. And I consider that high praise in regards to horror films!

Check out their America in the Shadows Kickstarter.

Here is the Amber in the Shadows YouTube channel for a taste of what they’ve done,

and check out Amber Sym on her Facebook Page.

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