Casting Shadows: A Bell in the Yard


 Review: Casting Shadows does such a good job with prepping the audience for the short feature of each episode. Coccyx continues to grow into her character-host role in the series with her sign-off as delightful as her introduction. The music and setting that frames this short is fitting – quite eerie and ominous. A Bell in the Yard was suspenseful and creepy from the start. It was easy to predict that the bell(s) would ring, but the cascade of events following were unknown. And it was fun to watch the sheer panic and stages of Thomas’ terror.

Circa 1863, in a Southern Maine town, sixteen-year-old Thomas is beginning his first shift as the new night watchman at the local cemetery. He soon realizes he is in for more than he expected when the veteran sexton Warren explains the special task he must undertake. The recently deceased Hewitt family has been individually buried in state of the art coffins called “safety coffins” designed with a bell signal at the surface of the earth. In the rare case, the bell is there in case the buried return to life. It is Thomas’ job to watch over the Hewitt’s.

Casting Shadows was Produced and Created by Barry Dodd for The Entertainment Experiment Network.


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