Trailer: Machete Kills Again . . . In Space

Check out this amazingly ridiculous mock trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills Again… In Space. Usually the third flick of a horror series isn’t the one that takes place in space, that’s reserved for the fourth installment . . . (see: Leprechaun, Hellraiser, etc.) but it’s so ridiculous we’ll take it.

We’ve seen the second film and know Lady Gaga is behind that mask. Both Michelle Rodriguez, Alex Vega, and of course Danny Trejo will be back, but it looks like among the space madness and ray-gun slinging Justin Beiber is joining the cast robot Bleep – a super douchey C-3PO knock off. But no worries – Machete takes care of him.

Hopefully this stellar super-badness flick actually hits theaters. Would you watch it?


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