R.L. Stine Brings Back Fear Street


How many of us grew up on R.L. Stine books? From the amazing and terrifying tales of Goosebumps to the slightly more teen-friendly stories behind Fear Street? And it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from R.L. Stine – but to keep with modern trends, he’s refreshing the old to bring new Fear Street tales to thousands of super dedicated fans.

According to CNN, R.L. Stine is set to release three new Fear Street titles.  This makes sense since we’re experiencing a huge revival in classic horror films and honestly, why should that stop at movies? As someone who still has all her original Goosebumps and Fear Street books (signed by R.L. Stine at a local horror convention no less!), I couldn’t be more excited. See below for a snippet from the CNN article and follow the link for the full story.

For years, fans have been asking Stine to revive “Fear Street” in online fan forums and over social media.

But publishers weren’t interested, claiming the idea he left behind in 1995 was outdated in the new world of young adult fiction dominated by dystopian worlds and paranormal events. Stine took to Twitter, thanking his fans for their interest while letting them know that the idea was discouraged.

Then, associate editor Kat Brzozowski of Thomas Dunne Books, a division of St. Martin’s Press, reached out to him.

The “Fear Street” series married supernatural horror with real-life horror of teenagers’ deepest fears and insecurities. That’s why they were so popular with young readers, Brzozowski said, including herself. She thought it was fitting that the grandfather of teen horror revisit his most popular series for old fans and a new generation.

While the Stine “recipe” remains the same — following one character’s perspective closely — Stine says the books will be longer, more adult and more violent, reflecting how young adult fiction has changed since the 1990s.

What are some of your favorite Goosebumps/Fear Street titles?


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