Z.A. Recht’s The Morningstar Strain series – Review by Ghost Writer A KK

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 “Z.A Recht’s The Morningstar Strain Series Review”



Need a zombie fix but Walking Dead hasn’t started yet, or do you yearn for more than the normal group of whiny survivors? I have your fix. Z.A Recht not only delivers an exciting zombie story (the normal runners and shamblers kind), but shows the slow downfall of mankind and proves that we are our own worst nightmare.  Recht provides us with characters who grow though the series and you fall in love with. You had me at “Skull Fuck,” Thomas.

A large majority of characters are military and the banter is full of military-isms. I still found myself laughing and friends in the service found it even more amusing. As the world breaks down around them, some cling to tradition as a coping mechanism while other characters happily give it up.  You also are given great insight to this post-apocalyptic world though the eyes of a doctor, journalist, and photographer.


Z.A. Recht also adds a dash of spy thriller into this series which puts a twist on the average zombie story. The book is based on a virus named morningstar (surprised?), some groups are looking for a cure or vaccine. Only one doctor has been close enough and has done extensive research on the virus, which makes her everyone’s hope for a future.  The collapse of the civilized world just wasn’t good enough for the author so you are constantly rooting for different groups of survivors against government agents or maybe it’s much deeper than that.

The series spans three books which could easily be read in a day if you become addicted (infected?). Some readers may find the third book to shift part of the way through, the writing switches up ever so slightly. The third book was delayed due to the untimely death of the author, and so a ghost writer finished the series for the publisher. Personally, I think it felt a little rushed, but like all things (like life) it must come to an end.

Overall, it was a fun read, minus the few sad parts (feelings are for the weak).  The banter between characters was one of my favorite parts of the series, including the females who are actually portrayed as strong and independent. The twists and turns of the plot keep the reader turning pages, silently hoping for their favorite character’s survival all while laughing at their wise cracks.

Check out the books yourself:

Plague of the Dead (book one)
 Thunder and Ashes (book two)
Survivors (book three)

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