Godzilla Teasers Go Viral

The Official Godzilla Teaser Trailer is up! Are you excited about 2014’s Godzilla? SO AM I.  And apparently so is the rest of the internet. MutoResearch.com is the newly launched viral site and it’s full of enough teasers to drive me ape-shit nuts. Between sneak shots of what the “new” Godzilla will look like and these teasers, my excitement is big enough to crush a small city. Or maybe two.

MUTo godzilla

As today is the official launch day of the new trailer – keep checking back to this post for updates throughout the day. Until then? Go play on M.U.T.O Research’s site.

clearance level

And watch the teasers in order below and some amazing mysterious “caverns” caught by the M.U.T.O team.

muto godzilla 2

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