The Collection (2012)

collectionThe Collection is one of the movies that is always recommended but you can never find the time to see. Well, over the holidays I made the time – and I am glad I did. The Collection is the counterpart to The Collector, a film about a sadistic killer who traps and tortures his victims in the most horrifying and clever ways. In the last film Arkin (Josh Stewart) managed to escape the Collector’s clutches. However, it seems, not for long.

The movie opens with new stories covering the Collector’s latest horrors – kidnapping, torture, and then? Pans to him in a club packed full of people. Among the crowd is Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick), the daughter of a wealthy businessman, out to have fun with a friend when her boyfriend ditches her. But the fun is cut short as the club is literally cut in half in the first of many triggered death traps in the movie set by the Collector. With an opening scene as bloody and gory as this one, the movie could only get better. And? It did.

The collection kép 2.

Rather than focusing on Arkin again – the film centered more on the relationship between Elena and a family friend, Lucello, played by Lee Tergesen. Lucello was Elena’s protector from childhood (and this is shown to the viewer in a very gut wrenching flashback scene) and was sent by her father to save her life once again.

One of the best parts of this film is exploring the Collector’s set up. His myriad of rooms full of torment and trophies: bugs, mind mushed captives turned into dogs, and a living doll who heeds her masters every command. Both Emma Fitzgerald and Lee Tergesen delivered powerful and believable performances throughout the film – as well as the returning star, Josh Stewart. Even if his expressions seemed to channel Rick from The Walking Dead several times . . .

Although The Collection isn’t one of the “who-dun-it?” or “who’s-gonna-die-next?” movies (you just assume everyone), it fits with the mood of the original and ends on a note which perfectly entwines both films together to create a well rounded story line. It further leads into the upcoming The Collected.


Director: Marcus Dunstan

Writers: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan


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