Devil’s Due (2014)



I don’t like to watch ghost movies. I don’t like to watch possession movies. I want killer clowns in my movies. Or crazy guys with axes. I want severed talking heads, ridiculous amounts of blood, and maybe even some explosions. That’s my genre. Ghosts? Terrify me. As in, literally can’t-sleep-for-days terrify me.  But I still do. And for once? I found one that I actually slept peacefully after. Why? Because it really wasn’t that terrifying. At all. It was actually really engaging. I’ve seen Paranormal Activity (yes, all of them). I’ve seen The Blair Witch Project.  Actually, I’ve probably seen almost every hand-held shaky-ass camera ghost movie there is. Some scared the shit out of me. Some bored me out of my mind. But Devil’s Due didn’t do either. In fact – it was the first movie of its kind that I actually gave a crap what happened to the characters. And it broke my heart. Damn you Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.


But I digress. Devil’s Due is about a newly wed couple Samantha (Allison Miller) and Zach McCall (Zach Gilford). This couple? Was uber realistic. And just as cute. Zach is from a well to do family but Sam, not so much. In fact, she was an orphan. But she kept her shit together, went to school, and made something of her life. But on her honeymoon, one encounter with a crazy-ass fortune teller and way too many drinks and roofies later at some underground shady night club, everything changes. She becomes pregnant. Of course, not by her husband. She’s carrying the Antichrist (and don’t cry spoilers – you can obviously tell she’s possessed by the child in the previews).

And so the pregnancy carries on. Becoming stranger and stranger. Did you know that telekinesis is the fourth stage of pregnancy? Me neither. Despite a terribly depressing ending, the entire ordeal was beautifully scripted, acted, and played out that by the time the shit was going to hit the fan was coming I didn’t want it to. Yes, even after Sam devoured deer alive in the woods you KNEW she didn’t really want to. And you kind of really felt for Zach. Dude was the best husband he could be, even when he found out his wife’s child would bring upon the apocalypse. Now that’s a keeper.

Despite the fact that most reviewers thought the progression of the movie far too slow, I actually kind of dug it. It’s really hard to get me to care for a character in a little over 60 minutes and Devil’s Due did just that. For two of them.


If you’re going into this expecting Paranormal Activity don’t waste your time. If you want a really interesting slow paced story about well . . . a devil baby then Devil’s Due is where it’s at.

Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

Writer: Lindsay Devlin

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