Killer Art: Velvet Glass

If you have the expendable income and enjoy art, these hand-made glass mosaics could be a gorgeous addition to your collection. Velvet Glass Mosaics  is the collaborative crafting talents Mark Bloom and Maggie Rickard. They “began their collaboration in 1994 in New York City when Mark’s love of tin robots collided with Maggie’s love of tiki. He was an illustrator from England and she was making body jewelry and playing the drums. Together they share a love for mid-century modern design, Frank Sinatra and finding Polynesian artifacts out in the wild.”

While their subjects are vast and varied, their monsters are of particular interest. Check out this badass glass mosaic of Godzilla wreaking havoc.


measures 27″ x 27″


My favorite works from Velvet Glass is this series of Universal Classic Monsters. All of the monster mosaics are handmade of black, white, and grey glass, 18″ x 22″, and cost $450 each.

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Velvet Glass also takes commissions, so if something else inspires you and you’d like one of their mosaics, be sure to contact them!

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