Curse of Chucky (2013)

I can’t say I’ve ever met a single person who doesn’t love the Chucky franchise. Since 1988 that little bastard has been entertaining and simultaneously scaring the crap out of people – and so when I heard that Curse of Chucky was coming out? I was super excited. Especially since Don Mancini promised it would align with the series timeline and serve as an extension to the ever-evolving and muddled story of Chucky the Good Guy Doll. And after seeing it? I am far more pleased with it than I expected to be.

Curse of Chucky (2013), although it went straight to DVD, would have done fairly well in theaters. It wasn’t the over-the-top WTF-fest that the Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky was, rather it was more slow-paced and unexpected like the original Child’s Play in 1988. And? It was absolutely made for the fans. I’ll get to some of the subtle and not so subtle nods in a little. If you’ve watched any of the previous Chucky films, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at not only the guest cameos, but the nods to previous victims of Chucky in the past.



Twenty five years after we first met our favorite little bastard – Chucky “finds” his way to the house of Nica, a paraplegic who has been living with her mother after dropping out of college. When her mother unexpectedly plummets to her death within the two-story house? Nica’s sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nanny come to support her. And that’s when the fun begins. Chucky actually doesn’t start animating from his doll-form until well into the movie (that we see on camera at least). During the introduction of the characters including Chucky himself, he remains in his doll form as he mysteriously disappears and reappears throughout the house (only noticed by Nica of course) causing mischief and setting up the chaos to come. But even without Chucky’s help this family is doomed. Nica’s sister, Barb, hates her husband, Ian, and is cheating on him with Alice’s nanny, Jill. And lesbihonest – Jill is kind of hot. I can’t blame Barb. But you see, a really cool twist to this movie is Ian knows – and installs a nanny cam in Chucky’s overalls to catch his wife cheating. So not only do we get to watch all the murder and mayhem happen from the 3rd person view, we get little snippet play backs from Chucky’s nanny cam. An additional albeit unnecessary perk that kind of pays off.

After nearly everyone but little niece, Alice, and Nica are dead, we discover why Chucky chose this family. As Nica lays seemingly dying on the floor after being pushed off the balcony by Chucky, much like he admits he did to her mother, he mentions the numerous families he’s visited and murdered before hers – the Tillys, the Barclays, but Nica’s family was what started it all. Apparently Charles Lee Ray (before he was a doll) fell in love with Nica’s mother. He kidnapped her while she was pregnant with Nica and wanted to be part of a family. But instead he was captured and killed by the cops in a toy store (insert homage to original series scene where he runs, transfers his soul to a Good Guys doll, and dies) and prior to his inevitable doom? He stabs Nica’s mother in her stomach, therefore causing Nica’s paraplegic state at birth. Ouch.

Luckily though, Nica is one tough broad. And she manages to survive the situation thanks to a cop who shows up at the property – but considering she’s the last person alive in the house barring Alice who was hiding in the closet per Chucky’s instructions and ranting that a doll did it – she’s charged with the crimes and institutionalized. And Chucky is back in the evidence room where he always seems to end up after these ordeals. But one dirty cop later and he’s out – and who does he leave with? Jennifer Tilly (or Tiffany from the series). And she ships him off to his next destination, and this his how he “found” his way to Nica’s house in the first place. And that next destination is? Andy Barclay’s. But no worries, Andy at this point is prepared.

Curse Of Chucky

The story? Was actually kind of neat. And if not for a few open-ended questions, really fit nicely into the Chucky series. But there are a few things I just couldn’t shake:

1. What happened to Glen/Glenda? Chucky’s sexually confused offspring? He/She wasn’t mentioned at all. Kind of curious what the hell he’s been doing in the past ten or so years.

2. How the hell is Tiffany alive? I’m pretty sure I remembered her getting slaughtered. But regardless – she should know better by now than to help Chucky. But then again she is as nuts as he is.

3. At the end of the movie Chucky tries to put his soul into Alice. And the after credit scene basically shows it didn’t work. But it was a really strange transition. Maybe he realised he didn’t want to be an 8-year-old little girl?

4. How the hell did Andy know Chucky was coming? My guess is he was watching the news about the trial (although they show him watching cartoons instead). Some explanation behind that would have been awesome.

5. Why the hell did his face get even creepier.

Regardless, it’s a hell of a lot better than Seed of Chucky. So if you’re missing some good guy doll in your life? Worth the watch.


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