Goosebumps The Movie Gets Release Date

R.L. Stine fans rejoice! Goosebumps the movie has officially been given a release date of March 23rd, 2016. Granted, that’s a few years off – but it seems like it may be worth the wait. The film will be directed by Rob Letterman and produced with the help of Scholastic Entertainment, who as all of us avid readers of yore remember – published the books.


Rough summaries of the film believe the movie will be am amalgamation of numerous goose bump stories we all know and love. And how do they plan on doing that? Well, for starters they have cast Jack Black to play R.L. Stine and in the movie, all those lovely stories of his trapped in his head are set free by a demonic dummy (Night of the Living Dummy, anyone?) and are set loose to wreck havoc in the world.

Stay tuned to Gores Truly for more details as we hear them.

Source: Variety

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