Casting Shadows: Halloween Special

I know, it’s only March but man I’m longing for October. I believe we could all use more Halloween in our lives. Whether it be at work or at home, taking public transit, or waiting in line somewhere. Halloween can’t come soon enough. Casting Shadows released this little short back in October, and I think this installment would be great for a Halloween-fiend’s YouTube playlist.


It’s cheeky, fun, and really could happen anytime, any place. But All Hallow’s Eve is clearly the most opportune time for the dead to come back and for other supernatural things to occur. Coccyx continues to grow into her own hostess character while maintaining reverence for iconic spooky hostesses from late night anthology shows of years past. All-in-all, not a shabby way to spend about seven and a half minutes of your online time.


Halloween Special

Written, Directed, Shot, Edited, and Starring  Thomas and Peter Campbell

Casting Shadows

Director/Director of Photography/Editor: Charlotte Warren

Hostess with the Mostess: Kathryn Coccyx

Writer:  Greg Tulonen

Casting Shadows Title Animation:  Derek Kimball

End Credit Music:  Tristan Gallagher & Doug Porter

Casting Shadows was Produced and Created by Barry Dodd for The Entertainment Experiment Network.

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