Teddy Scares – A Competition Between Roller Derby Leagues

Teddy Scares recently launched a friendly competition between WFTDA roller derby teams who attended Gold Coast’s Beach Brawl this year. It just so happens that Gores Truly sponsors the DC Rollergirls, one of the leagues involved in the competition and who I skate for. I would be lying if I said that this plug was just to present the competition without any bias. I am certainly in it to win it – I play competitive roller derby, after all. Please help my league out by completing the following steps in the rules below so we can win some kick-ass key-chains to adorn our gear bags!

1. Like the “Teddy Scares” Facebook page
2. The photo album “Roller Girls” contains each League’s logo that is participating in the Beach Brawl. You must make sure to ‘like’ the logo picture that is in the photo album for the league you wish to support.
3. Whichever picture has the most amount of likes by Monday, June 16 wins!

DCRG_LOGO-league (1)

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