The Demon of Brownsville Road

I’m not here to call it a hoax or say that I believe in The Demon of Brownsville Road. There are plenty of outlets on the net for skeptics and believers. No, I’m not taking any side. I find stories like this fascinating . . . like how I feel about the Mothman and the stories surrounding it. Bob Cranmer claims that some insidious creature(s) terrorized his house for many years. This house on Brownsville Road is over a century old in the South Hills just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Regardless if it’s true or not, seems that the events could make a pretty solid (albeit predictable) story — humans encounter demon(s), call exorcist, exorcist banishes demon(s) — it just might be worth picking up a copy of the book for some summer reading.


It’s called “The Demon of Brownsville Road,” and a Pittsburgh family claims this creature terrorized them for years, until exorcists forced it to leave.

The true events that transpired inside the historic house are now the subject of new book.

The Cranmer family says they’re publishing their nightmarish story to hopefully help other families avoid doing battle with a demon.

For more on the Demon of Brownsville Road story check out the Facebook page here.

 Source: Fox 8 Cleveland

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