The Mortuary Collection (Kickstarter)

Fellow horror connoisseur, Ben Hethcoat, is at it again. With the Rotting Soil Collective, he brought us some gems with Gary’s Garden & a music video for the song “Regret” by LEVELS. This time, he partners up with Ryan Spindell in the production company, Trapdoor Pictures, to bring to life a full-feature horror anthology flick called The Mortuary Collection.

Trapdoor Pictures is collaborating with the New York-based independent company Glass Eye Pix to bring this project into full realization. We’re always excited to see what happens when a group of eclectic horror enthusiasts come together for the love and fun of the darker genre – and this project is no different.

The concept art by Karl Slominski looks brilliant so far. And while the film itself may be low budget, the quality and dedication to the darker genre is nothing but high.

An escaped lunatic gets more than he bargained for when he messes with the WRONG babysitter.


A pushy telemarketer harasses a customer to death, but when the salesman starts to receive calls from beyond the grave, he must figure out how to appease the vengeful spirit before it’s too late.


After murdering his abusive wife, a claustrophobic man finds himself trapped on an elevator with the corpse.


After a wild night of unprotected sex, a womanizing frat boy discovers that he’s pregnant…and it’s definitely not human!

They need to meet their funding goal of $50,000 by June 20, 2014. Want to see this anthology-style feature horror film turn into a reality? Contribute freely and share with  other horror-loving fiends!

In the 80s, the lines that defined cinematic genre were less rigid. Gremlins were household pets and movie monsters were sculpted works of art, not computer generated creatures. THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is a love-letter to that era, a time when all things weird and wonderful seemed possible.

THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is a stylized (live-action) horror anthology film that fuses the surreal storytelling of The Twilight Zone with the goopy aesthetics of Tales From The Crypt. Loaded with unexpected twists, dark humor and genuine scares, The Mortuary Collection is classic horror for a contemporary audiences.


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