Paul Gerrard’s Company of Shadows – Exclusive Interview and Images

Have you ever watched a film and fawned over the beautifully insane creatures within it? Or perhaps had nightmares, spawned by the terrifying and haunting imagery of monsters you never imagined, now lurking within the previously unexplored areas of your psyche? If you answered yes, it’s highly likely Paul Gerrard may be the mad man behind their cinematic fruition. And lucky for you, his recent crowd funding effort is bringing a whole new batch of monsters for your visual consumption first to page, and then to film. Paul Gerrard has worked as the concept artist on films such as Paradise Lost, Videodrome, Battle: Los Angeles and The Legend of Oak Swamp. He is also the creature/conceptual designer on things like Michael Bay’s TMNT and Wrath of the Titans. More recently he created the Hellraiser pitch we you can see featured on Gores Truly here.

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Gerrard has created a 120+ page book, Company of Shadows, full of beasts and monsters, with each page providing a hint of a back story – all born from the deep meditative and insane state of mind of none other than Paul Gerrard. The crowd funding is not simply just for this breathtaking and haunting book of art, but it’s in hopes to create short films based on each character within its pages. Providing a plethora of visual tales of creatures born out nightmares and legends.

company of shadows 1“Over the next 2 years Paul’s unique and terrifying creations are set to be taken from preproduction to full movie shorts and beyond as part of Beyond Darkness Films.   Directed by Paul Gerrard and Paul Griffiths these shorts will be unlike anything you have seen before. All based upon the characters in this book, read their stories here first.”

We were lucky enough to ask Paul Gerrard a couple questions and get some exclusive art. Head over to the Company of Shadow’s crowd funding website to pick up copy of this stunning art book.

Gores Truly: Tell us about yourself. What inspired you to delve into the world of creature design in the first place? Who were some of your inspirations (if anyone) and what inspires you to craft such horrifyingly beautiful monsters?

Paul Gerrard: I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating characters and creatures. I’ve never been one for large-scale illustrations, if I did, it would only ever to be to frame a character. The only thing that’s changed in my later years is that I have been fortunate enough to turn that obsession into a living. I’m forever influenced by the work of film directors, mainly those that I grew up with. Gorging on their visceral masterpieces. David Cronenberg, Dario Argento, Clive Barker , Paul Verhoeven. Some of which I have had the pleasure of working with.

company of shadows 3Gores Truly: You were the conceptual designer and artist behind great films such as Paradise Lost and Wrath of the Titans. Can you give us some clues about upcoming projects you’re involved in?

Paul Gerrard:  Some of which I have had the pleasure of working with. I worked on the latest TMNT film which hits the cinemas this Summer. Then a possibility exists the a new VIDEODROME movie may start pre-production soon, of which I would be creating designs for. I can tell you right now, it will be an incredible edition to the VIDEODROME world!

Head over and support the Company of Shadow’s Here:

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