Spooky Empire’s Mayhem 2014 Review


Every year we praise Spooky Empire’s Conventions in Orlando Florida. And this year? It’s no different. Spooky Empire took place last weekend (May 30th – June 1st) and per usual was a complete blast. But what placed filled to the brim with horror fans, incredible guests and the best vendors isn’t? Spooky Empire isn’t like most conventions in the area. As others have over the years it has also grown immensely in size and even changed it’s location several times due to this. But it hasn’t changed its heart. Whether it’s MAY-HEM in May or the original convention in October, the patrons of Spooky Empire have bonded together to form one giant blood covered family/community. It never ceases to remind me why I started going to conventions in the first place.

To have a fucking blast. And I did.

Guests this year included John Carpenter, the mastermind behind Halloween and They Live. Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp from Nightmare on Elm Street. Even several cast members from Once Upon a Time, including the Evil Queen Regina herself Lana Parrilla. But my personal favorite? Akira Takarada and Haruo Nakajima, the original actors from Godzilla. When I was finally able to meet Mr. Nakajima I nearly exploded in excitement. I can’t speak a lick of Japanese, but I’m pretty sure fangirling translates in every language.

And the shows were great this year. Although I didn’t get to catch Geeks Of Comedy’s Komedy Goreshow I heard it was a riot. However I did get to take several walks through the It’s Alive Project’s showcase. In case you haven’t heard of it, the It’s Alive Project is celebrating The Bride of Frankenstein this year with over 70+ artists re-imagining her likeness on busts. Check out some of the incredible images in the gallery below. And even better? These busts will go up for public auction in the fall with all the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

As usual, the costumes were incredible – be it a homage to slasher horror icons like Jason or Freddy or unique one of a kind costumes like the angel of death. My hands down favorite this year was a take on Carrie done by Jon Lee. The bucket of blood in a frozen pour over his head was extremely clever and well received by all attendees.

And you couldn’t have asked for better vendors. Artists, make-up artists, prop builders, Legends a Haunting in Old Towne . . . There was something set up for everyone, and it seemed all the tables did pretty well. Even Coffee Shop of Horrors sold out of goods by the end of the weekend. But if shopping wasn’t your thing? Not a problem. There was never a dull moment. You could of checked out a panel (or waited hours in the line for John Carpenter’s), got a new tattoo, go out by the pool to jam out to music, catch a classic horror flick indoors, or just walk around snapping photos of all the extremely creative albeit crazy shit all around you.

Much love to Petey, Gina, and all of the great volunteers this year that made the show run smoothly (even with all the influx of Once Upon a Time fans). Looking forward to round two this October!

 Photo Credits: Dementia Grimm

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