Another Found Footage Film – The Before Time (2014)

Before Time 1

I may be the only one on the planet who feels this way, but I’m still not sick of ‘found footage’ movies. In fact I’m kind of looking forward to The Before Time, a film set to be released by Supernova Films in fall of 2014. The Before Time was written by Scott Bunt and directed by Miguel Muller, and was produced by Peter Paul Basler and Shahrook Oomer.

The movie will attempt to put a new spin on the ‘found footage’ genre by featuring two rival television crews that have headed into the Sonoran desert to shoot a reality show based on a hidden Navajo treasure. Along the California and Arizona border where legend says gold is supposed to be buried, the crews encounter hostility from the locals, an unfamiliar native language, and a peyote ceremony that reveals gruesome secrets of the legend that may or may not be part of collective hallucinations! As the crews move farther into the harsh landscape in search of gold, they begin to realize that the truth is both stranger and more dangerous than fiction.

Before Time 2

There are a few videos on the Supernova Films Youtube, but no trailers have been shared yet, but the promotional images I’ve gathered from the Twitter page are sufficiently spooky to pique my interest!

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