Shop ‘Til You Drop Dead: BIG HAUL Edition

Sometimes when you’re searching the internet you’ll stumble across things that are too wonderful not to share. That happened REPEATEDLY this week, so you’re in for a treat! Please feast your eyes on the collection of the creepy/spooky/AWESOME things that we stumbled upon this week! If you purchase or currently have any of these glorious things in your possession please let us know so we can be appropriately jealous.

Fox’s Imaginary Haul/Things She Needs More Than You Will Ever Know:

I will take this opportunity to admit that I am a window shopping queen! My Amazon wishlists (and other wishlists) are basically filled to the brim with everything from costuming supplies and new music, to documentary DVDs and art. In general, I’m a sucker for nostalgia, which explains some of my picks!

American Psycho Dress
This Patrick Bateman/American Psycho dress makes my life a better place. It’s an offering from Living Dead Clothing and I can’t explain just how badly I want it in my closet. I am a HUGE fan of blood spattered/blood dripping clothing, nail art, and decorations so this dress is basically my idea of perfection. Add to that the fact that American Psycho is one of my favorite films and you’ll understand why I would wear this one oh so proudly!

Tales from the Crypt TeeTales from the Crypt basically defined my childhood. There are few things that would make me happier than this Fright-Rags t-shirt boxed set right now. I remember waking up early on Saturdays to see the Cryptkeeper before cartoons started. I also remember switching the television off at lightning speed if I heard my parents beginning to wake up because I wasn’t supposed to watch “that scary stuff”.

…Gee, Mom & Dad, that plan worked out well.

In all seriousness, these tees look wicked! The pre-sale starts June 27th, so be ready to pounce if you’re interested! Something tells me these will go fast!

ZANheadgear offers this wonderful Hannibal Neoprene mask, and it’s available on Amazon. Why would I want this? Well I am fairly obsessed with most things Hannibal Lector. I’ve read the books, own the films, and have developed a great adoration for NBC’s television show since it draws heavily from all of the pre-existing source material.

Completely unrelated to that, I enjoy running and snowboarding in the winter. What do you know!? This mask gives me a way to combine these seemingly unrelated passions in a fantastic way!

No, but really. How awesome is this? Costume t-shirts are great and all, but I am fairly certain that pulling out your very own Hannibal Lector mask to go running in would basically make you the coolest person on your block. (…and also the most terrifying. DOUBLE WIN!)

Jaws OrnamentAnd last but not least, in non-wearable great things news. Hallmark has managed to make me love it again. (The first time it was successful in accomplishing this was when they began carrying Disney Villains gear, but I do digress…) This year in their 2014 Dream Book the horror fan can find several familiar faces. Jaws (pictured), Godzilla, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Alien are all options to adorn your tree!

Needless to say, I think I’ll be needing a few new decorations…

(Links: Alien; Frankenstein’s MonsterGodzillaJaws; and Jack Skellington, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

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