Press Release: Fatality Films signs Richardo Pagano for WRATH

fatalityBloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films are thrilled to announce that Richard Pagano, of Pagano/Manwiller Casting, has signed on as Casting Director for our upcoming feature film, WRATH. Pagano is best known as Casting Director for films X-Men: The Last Stand, Hotel Rwanda and Alien Resurrection. “All of us with Bloody Bombshell, Fatality Films and the production team for WRATH are excited to bring on such a talented and experienced Casting Director such as Richard Pagano”, said Joanna Shirley, Vice-President of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment. Casting for WRATH will begin sometime in August.

The North Shore Scenic Drive area in Minnesota has been chosen as the filming location for WRATH. The Minnesota Film Commission will be working with Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films in the coming weeks to help narrow down filming locations. Extras will be chosen from the local population. More details to come.


Scott Speigel, Director and Producer (Evil Dead 2, Hostel franchise)

Plot: In 1986, two brothers, Reid and Colton Bergstrom, will come face to face with the town’s very own, very real, ghost story. As night falls on Swedish Easter, they must run for their lives and survive the night against the deadly Easter Witch or never see the light of day.

Stay tuned to GoresTruly for more news on WRATH when available.

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