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Infliction is a found footage movie by Jack Thomas Smith. The basic plot premise I had to work with was that the movie centered around two brothers who decide to record their murder spree. If you’re anything like me, you imagined that this would look something like Paranormal Activity filmed from the perspective of the evil entity, which is basically the coolest idea I could have imagined for a found footage style movie. (Get on that please, screenwriters.) I was wrong, but I was in no way disappointed by what I actually ended up with. I thoroughly enjoyed Infliction!

You meet John and Kenneth Stiles on the job. They are professionally involved in surveillance or private investigation and our first glimpse of them features the two young men recording a young woman and her lover. Later they discuss sending “stills” to another man. (Presumably her husband.) It is while they are discussing their work that they get a telephone call from their mother, and everything begins…

Infliction is a movie that you’ll want to watch more than once. The movie’s high re-watch value is in part because it is so well done. Aside from a few awkward scenes here or there, it delivers on the premise that it is a movie actually recorded by two serial killers. You follow them from their home, to the road, and along the way the audience makes each bloody stop with the pair. Their motives are unclear in the beginning, but their great purpose is gradually revealed. With each viewing more elements of the story are made clear. The significance of interactions between characters are revealed more clearly.

Although I don’t want to reveal too much, I will say that the film was more twisted than I initially thought it would be. That says a lot, considering that I went in expecting a movie with serial killers hamming it up for the camera and being as grotesque as possible. I think people who appreciated Se7en will find a kindred spirit in Infliction. There are enlightened discussions and staged, elaborately planned deaths. Unlike Se7en, the mystery is not WHO done it, but WHY.

My only dislike is that there aren’t enough people who have seen the movie for me to nerd out about it with. I have seen the movie twice and am already looking forward to watching it again. Fortunately on July 1st Infliction will be available on Netflix,, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, Google Play, Vudu, Cinema Now, Vimeo OnDemand, and other online retailers. I’ll be purchasing a copy for my own collection. My contemporary horror collection needs more substance and fewer jump scares.

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