100 Bloody Acres (2012)


So say you’re in the organic fertilizer business. And business? Ain’t that good. Your phosphorus levels aren’t terribly superb and the damn radio station that was going to air your jingle is taking its precious time. And then say you drive past a single car fatal accident. Shame to let that good body go to waste . . . right?

100 Bloody Acres, a 2012 Australian horror film by Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes opens up on just this note. A backwoods Aussie farmer by the name of Reg Morgan decides adding a bit of human flesh to the Morgan Brother’s “Blood and Bone” fertilizer isn’t such a terrible idea. But he didn’t expect to pick up some lost young kids on their way to a hippie music festival. And he really didn’t think it through when he had the two guys in the party ride in the back. While one dropped acid, the other bitched about the smell until? They found the body.


Things get weird real quick in this film. Yes,  if you thought the premise of two redneck brothers using bodies in their fertilizer mix was weird? Wait until the family starts to feud. Reg ends up falling for one of his captors (and I mean who could resist an Aussie redhead?) and decides that maybe murder isn’t the best thing to do. But unfortunately, older brother Lindsay Morgan doesn’t quite see eye to eye with Reg on this. Cue an acid-fueled psychedelic chase through a super creepy fairy tale land, a couple of more bodies, a lost hand, and a really disturbing sex scene with a grandma and? A finale I won’t ruin for you – but let’s just say it’s a bloody good one.

100 Bloody Acres is as black as comedies get. The humor is light until blood is involved (by the bucket full) and even then I teetered between being uncomfortable and chuckling. The special effects were fantastic and the actors each owned their roles seamlessly. Although some of the plot is fairly cliché, the pace of the film and its unique Aussie backwoods quirks keep it interesting throughout the entire movie. Grab a friend, a couple of beers and enjoy the uncomfortable blood bath that is 100 Bloody Acres.

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