Kickstarting Horror: 10 Seconds to Run

We here at Gores Truly love supporting horror fiends through sites like Kickstarter. Why? Because we’ve seen some of the most incredible or awesome ideas transpire there and sometimes we all need a little help to get us off the ground. This week’s Kickstarting Horror is about 10 Seconds to Run, the second film from the guys who brought us House Guest (starring Alex Vincent from Child’s Play). 10 seconds to Run promises to be the perfect match up of 80’s and 90’s slasher horror – but with a little twist of humor. And also already has names like Derek and Eric Garcia tied to it for special effects (you may recognize them from Syfy’s Face Off), and actors like Michael Milhoan (She’s All That, Field of Dreams) and Tony Senzamici (Burn Notice).

Check out the synopsis and teaser trailer – and head over to support’s 10 Seconds to Run.

10 Seconds to Run is the story of a group of 5 friends, Kelly, Ryan, Staci, Nick, and Riley,
driving to an electronic music festival. What was supposed to be a fun road trip ends up being a
deadly mistake when they find themselves on a country road without cell and GPS service. The
town is full of secrets and shady characters.

At the same time a father and county resident, John Whiteman, is trying to uncover
answers to the whereabouts of his daughter that went missing the day before. The stories
intertwine when the group ends up stranded on the country road with a popped tire and no
options, except to camp out in the woods for the night before getting help the next day. They
make the best out of a bad situation until the next morning when Kelly wakes up and realizes that
her friends are gone.

Her friends become victims of a game that a few of the local backwoods residents like to
play called 10 Seconds to Run. Players have 10 seconds to try and escape and every new game
has an added challenge to slow the victim down.
The game is part of a bigger scheme perpetrated by the most corrupt and evil resident of
the town, The Duke.

With their lives on the line the group fights to survive this twisted game. The clock is
running down as Kelly and John Whiteman team up to find answers before it’s too late.
Will anyone make it out alive? 10 Seconds to Run is a horror movie for horror fans that
captures the fun of late 90s teen horror like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer,
along with some of the creepy, white trash, type characters that fans of Rob Zombie films will
enjoy. Watchers might also find similarities to the most profitable horror franchise of all times,
SAW. Every time 10 Seconds to Run is played, a new twist is added and audiences will be on
the edge of their seat to see what new challenge is added and how the victim will attempt to
survive as the clock runs down.

ten seconds to run


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