Gore Recap : Hemlock Grove Season 1

For those who are unaware, Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original series based on the Brian McGreevy novel of the same name. The first season aired on April 19, 2013 and the eagerly awaited second season is set to air on July 11, 2014. That means you have less than two weeks to revisit your favorite moments of the original season before there are new, gore-filled episodes for your viewing pleasure. If you don’t have the time to rewatch the whole first season (like some of us), you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the 10 goriest, grossest moments from season one. (What gore countdown would be complete without pictures!?!) If you haven’t yet finished season one, I suggest you either finish it quickly and revisit this list when it won’t wreck your world or decide it’s worth it to see what is on the horizon so you can watch season two.

Without further delay . . .

10. The first kill. (Episode One: Jellyfish in the Sky)

Hemlock Grove  Hemlock Grove 01

This scene is the introduction into Hemlock Grove and it definitely made me cringe on my first run through. Just the nail breaking off was enough to make me wince. It’s dark and brutal, which makes it the perfect intro to the season. That being said, it isn’t the most bloody so it’s only #10 on my list.

9. The discovery of the severed legs. (Episode Six: The Crucible)

severed legs  boys searching

Roman and Peter discovering the severed legs was completely unexpected, at least for me. I was anticipating finding something, but missing limbs wasn’t high on my list. The fact that Roman seems so grossed out by the rats just added to the fun of this scene for me.

8. When Christina lost it and clawed up that kid’s face. (Episode Six: The Crucible)

hg06  hg05

The Crucible was a fun episode in that it had lots of unexpected adventures. One of which was when Christina went seemingly mental and tried to kill a boy via face scratch.

7. When Christina found a half-missing corpse in the woods. (Episode Three: The Order of the Dragon)

hg07  hg08

6. Destiny puts a caterpillar in a jar of intestines to marinade and then eats it for a spell. (Episode Five: Hello, Handsome)

hg09  hg10

This is getting added for the ‘gross out’ value. It isn’t often that a show can justify having someone eat a grub, much less one that has grown dramatically from living in intestines from a dead girl for extended periods, but when it can . . .  Well, surely it needs to be included on a grossest/goriest moments list.

Especially if it means that Kaniehtiio Horn will make this face. Priceless!

Especially if it means that Kaniehtiio Horn will make this face. Priceless!

5. Peter turning into a werewolf. (Episode Two: The Angel )

Photos don’t do this one justice and neither would any description I could write. There really is no ideal way to describe your eyes popping out and eating them (Not to mention everything else that happens in this short span).

4. The twins are murdered. (Episode Ten: What God Wants)

hg12  hg13

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the twins, so I can’t say I was sorry to see them go. Especially since their deaths were among the most bloody, and the most sudden.

3. Roman bites off his mother’s tongue. (Episode Thirteen: Birth)

hg17  hg18

This is gross and disturbing on so many levels. The screaming (if you can call it that) in the background makes it that much worse.

2. Peter’s face gets eaten off. (Episode Twelve: Children of the Night)

hg14  hg15

Apply magical mud mask, utilize Vargulf exfoliation technique, enjoy your new non-face. In all seriousness, this is just grotesque.

1. Peter & Roman dig up a corpse and yank out the intestines. (Episode Four: In Poor Taste)

hg20  hg19

To top off the list, I leave you with when Peter & Roman dug up a half-corpse and then pulled out the intestines to put them in a jar. This scene was slow, and cut to the boys looking very disgusted and squeamish several times before they finally had what they needed. Although it isn’t violent, it is definitely not a scene for the squeamish. The fact that a werewolf looks nauseated in this scene is telling.

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