Knights of Badassdom (2013)

LARPing. The hobby of well, live action roleplay. Battles. Camping. WAR. Awesome right? So what happens when fantasy and roleplay cross streams with demonic beings and otherwordly creatures?

Beautiful chaos.Knights_of_Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom centers around Hung (Peter Dinklage), Joe (Ryan Kwanten), and Eric (Steve Zahn). When Joe’s girlfriend dumps him for his refusal to grow up and give up death metal, he decides a weekend at a LARPing event is just what he needs. Well that, and a whole bunch of weed. Unfortunately, Eric, the mage of the group, finds a wicked rad old spell book on the internet to bring with him. Little do any of them know it was once owned by John Dee, a sorcerer who may have dabbled in a few wicked things. All seems to be going well, and hell, Joe even meets the stunning Gwen (Summer Glau). But later Joe tries to bail. Coaxed into staying by his friends, they do a “cleansing” to rid him of his “demon” of an ex so he can enjoy the weekend. This group of friends unknowingly free a succubus from Hell. And to say all hell broke loose? It’s an understatement.

There are so many good things to say about Knights of Badassdom. It’s cheesy. It has fantastic jokes. The cast all complement one another in the most adorably dorky ways. The gore is fantastic and who doesn’t love a sexy succubus?  The entire story although ludicrous flows really well together.

However, I can say one or two bad things about it too. When someone you like dies? It sucks. Characters are pretty predictable and act exactly how you think they would – including the charmingly delusional viking Gunther (Brett Gipson). Also, the ending feels out of place and just anticlimactic.

Everything leading to it? INCREDIBLE. I’m talking about fire-breathing dragons, a battlefield full of dead larpers, and total chaos – incredible. I won’t ruin the rest for you – but minus the influence of a certain character, I could have lived without the ending. From my understanding the film had quite a bit of behind the scenes chaos. Which likely led to both funding and editorial differences before it was distributed. Regardless Knights of Badassdom is a MUST SEE. You’ll be quoting Peter Dinklage’s one liners alongside me in no time.


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