Kickstarting Horror: Viking Vampires

So looks like we may have found this amazing little gem too late – but we can’t resist trying to help the final push for a film about Vikings. Especially if those Vikings? Are Vampires.

Yep. Christer Larsen and Stain Hafstad from Youtube’s Pistolshimps bring you? Viking Vampires. So the story goes that some meddling kids (shocker) wake up a super pissed off viking vampire and set on blood shed and vengeance. Simple enough, and ridiculous enough to result in what will be a bloody brilliant black comedy if it ever gets off the ground. With an onslaught of vampire movies now a days, whats the harm of one more? Especially when it also brings the promise of plundering and pillaging.

Check out the full plot below and a link to the IndiGoGo Campaign. Even it it doesn’t get fully funded – we hope to see some more clever shorts on Viking Vampires come out following the end of the campaign.


Full Plot via their IndieGoGo Campaign:

In the year 1012 several kings fought for the throne of Norway. Olav the Holy had the church on his side, and was sure to win the throne. Eirik Bloodtooth hated the church and made a blood pact with a sami shaman from the north who transformed him and his army into vampires, as strong as 10.000 men! But Eirik was betrayed by his brother Håkon, and trapped in a Christian grave for eternity.

 Then the story starts in present time, with a Viking ship sailing down a beautiful fjord in Norway, where we meet LIV (27) an unemployed archeologist taking part in a Viking teambuilding trip to Valhalla Spa Resort. Her half sister TUVA (33) is the boss, and she has given Liv a job to help here out, but forces her to spy on the team from the inside. The sisters are very different, and have a troubled relationship. At the resort Liv can’t resist the urge to dig up an old runestone, and accidently wakes up Eirik Bloodtooth and his two squires, Sigurd and Magnus.

 The Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth wakes up confused, pissed off and hungry! His brother Håkon betrayed him 1000 years ago, and are living amongst us today. When Håkon realize that his brother Eirik has risen from the grave, he has to stop him before he wakes up the army and takes over the world.



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