Kickstarting Horror: Kill the Production Assistant, The Exiled, Mania

maniaAs you may have noticed, I adore finding weird indie projects. I stumbled across this three-feature film crowdfunding project, which is basically the holy grail of interesting to me. The Kill the Production Assistant project is beyond fantastic. Two of the films being made in this triad are in the horror genre. The third film will be a documentary about making the other two films, so basically if the filmmakers get the $50,000 they will be signing up for 24 continuous days of working on film projects. Talk about ambition! The two horror flicks sound interesting in their own right, though there isn’t a lot on the site about either individual project.

Mania is about two lovers who are forced to leave their hometown after a brutal murder. The film will star Devanny Pinn and Heather Dorff; Directed by Jessica Cameron; Written by Jonathan Scott Higgins; Produced by Jessica Cameron, Jonathan Scott Higgins, Brandon Slagle, & Devanny Pinn.


The Exiled is a film about escorting a convict to a newly formed prison state, a young policewoman is pursued by its cult-like populace known as The Exiled. The project will star Jessica Cameron, Devanny Pinn, & Heather Dorff; Directed by Brandon Slagle; Written by Brandon Slagle; Produced by Jessica Cameron, Jonathan Scott Higgins, Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn.

Some of the rewards include things like social media shoutouts, film downloads, official props, dinner with the crew, and more! One of the goals of the project is to take production to wherever the most donations come from which is possible due to the fact that they’ll be filming out of an RV. This also makes the walk on role perk possible.

I’m interested to see how this will pan out for them since they have decided against utilizing more popular crowd funding options like Indiegogo or Kickstarter. I’m also looking forward to more information being released about both of their films. I think having a bit more detail will help some would-be investors make the decision to commit.


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