Kickstarting Horror: Rob Zombie’s Fanbacked Film 31

rob-zombie-31-2Want to help produce a Rob Zombie movie? Perhaps even have a role in it? Of course you do. And now you have your chance to do just that with Rob Zombie’s latest film 31.


31 is a story about a group  of individuals who are kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween and held hostage by none other than? Some really fucked up clowns. Their only chance of survival is to follow the rules of 31. I’m personally beyond stoked that not only has Rob Zombie committed to scaring the shit out of us all again (in his fantastically disturbed way of course), but he’s opened the doors to allow fans of his work to get more involved in what he does. And since its fan backed? He may have fewer limits than what he’s had in the past to what he can do and show.

There are several levels of perks which all result in you scoring exclusive merchandise. For $15 you can get a bottle opener, sticker pack and more. For $50 you can get anything ranging from a signed DVD to a signed poster. And the best albeit most expensive perks? Well that’s the $5,000 for scoring yourself and extra spot on the film, or $10,000 for an executive producer credit. Oh and did we mention one of the perks (and you have a bonus chance of winning even at the $15 level) is a life time pass to all Rob Zombie events? That’s right. You get on his personal list at every event he ever does ever.


So interesting in helping out? Then head over to and grab yourself one of the kick ass perks available. With 50+ days left and over 800 backers already it looks like 31 will be a wild ride worth funding. 

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