Kickstarting Horror: The Reel of Horror


We here at Gores Truly love supporting independent horror films, and even more so supporting local filmmakers. But we especially love gore (I mean, seriously, check out the name). So we were excited to hear about The Reel of Horror, a film that involves gratuitous amounts of gore lead by Jeremiah Baumbach, an Emmy-nominated cinematographer who happens to also be a Central Florida local.

The Reel of Horror is the story about a film projectionist (played by none other than the President of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman), who after years of being forced to not include the most disturbing scenes he filmed in his movies has instead compiled them into one single film – The Reel of Horror. A bunch of young kids go to view said flick and instead of just watching the movie, they become part of it when the terrifying cuts literally leap off the screen. What’s even cooler? Is most of the film is extra disturbing cuts from Jeremiah Baumbach’s earlier films over the years, that he’s now retying together and shooting a movie around. Way to to be clever with the B reel.

So if The Reel of Horror seems to be something up your alley – check out the great trailer and head over to support the Indiegogo Campaign.

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