Mine Games (2012)

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Mine Games – a horror/suspense flick that unfortunately featured no mutant mole people, but I think you’ll be satisfied with the replacement! Okay, so, spoiler alert: I loved it! The basic premise of the film (note the lack of moles) is that a group of friends are going camping in a cabin. Shortly after arriving they come across an abandoned mine. They decide to explore the dark tunnels, because those are the types of decisions that drunken twenty-somethings make. The group makes a shocking discovery which turns their excitement into fear as they are hunted by a mysterious force and must work together to escape the mine alive.

So I’ll be honest. After reading the premise I didn’t have really high hopes for this movie. I was kind of expecting some sort of weird monster or The Hills Have Eyes style flick. What I got was more of a Rubik’s Cube. (A mind game, if you will.) Due to my low expectations, I did spend the first run through of the movie being overly critical, perhaps even to the point of being cynical. I heckled the decision to have the token earthy chick be a medium. (It seemed a little too convenient, given the Blair Witch scenario. Naturally while in this mode of thought I noticed that the film does have a lot of the standard poor horror movie decision making that we all know and love. (Example: Oh there’s something horrifying in the mine! We should probably go back.)

Generally, though, I only have good things to say about the movie. It didn’t rely on the musical escalations or jump scares from popular modern cinema. It instead relied on my favorite – good old fashioned story telling. The score was appropriate and well done. Honestly, for the first portion o the film prior to the discovery there was nothing to indicate that anything sinister was ahead, and I LOVED the fact that every element, down to the music being played, conveyed this perfectly. The characters were more reasonably fleshed out and were more believable than I would have expected them to be, which was part of what made the movie enjoyable.

Although when I look back there were plenty of signs, I didn’t see the explanation coming in the slightest prior to the big reveal. I was still trying to figure out details, even after the major details had been delivered. I am very impressed at how well all of the details were woven together into a story that remained cohesive. All in all I’d say that the movie was remarkably well done and is one of my favorites so far this year.

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Director Richard Gray and writers Robert Cross, Michele Davis-Gray, Richard Gray, and Ross McQueen did an excellent job with a limited budget. I’m eager to snag my own copy when this movie is released on September 16!


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