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Crawling through the shadows of Steam, Doorways: The Underworld is the newest first-person horror game from Argentinian developer, Saibot Studios, which was released September 17. It’s a first-person horror game for PC/Mac/Linux, and is playable as a stand-alone title or an extension of Chapters 1&2.  Featuring the voice talents of Sam A. Mowry (Alexander in Amnesia) and Oculus Rift support, Doorways: The Underworld is available now!

The premise of the game is that a charitable NGO, the Doorways organization, is actually responsible for hunting down extremely dangerous and elusive criminals. As a Doorways agent, Thomas Foster uses his psychic abilities to connect with these criminals and locate them inside surreal realms of the mind. In order to survive his newest assignment, Foster will be forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the viciously deranged experiments of The Surgeon and to question the reality of his own psyche.

The game looks really interesting, and definitely something I’d want to check out if I had a more gaming-friendly PC. Check out the concept art and game stills below!


Screenshot 08Screenshot 06

Screenshot 02

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