Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

Leprechaun-origins-dvd-coverYou know – I really had hope for Leprechaun: Origins (2014). The trailer looked semi-promising, and the idea that once again life would be breathed into one of my favorite horror franchises was something I couldn’t resist. The trend of either rebooting, re-imagining, or bringing back 80’s-90’s horror movie icons isn’t something new. It’s been done really, really well (see: Curse of Chucky) and really poorly. And Leprechaun: Origins is part of that latter group.

Leprechaun: Origins focuses on two young couples whom while backpacking through Ireland, stumble into a Slaughtered Lamb rip-off pub and learn from a creepy local about an ancient landmark not published by tour guides that the group decided they absolutely must see. Turns out this ancient landmark is the territory of none other than – The Leprechaun. And due to the locals stealing his gold, he’s a bit pissed off. What better to satiate the beast and repay their debt? Offer him human sacrifices. So they’re led to a cabin in the woods (groan) by the locals and the kids quickly learn what lurks within the lush landscape of Ireland, and fight for their lives against a grotesque creature who wants nothing more than to rip them to shreds and of course, steal their gold.

The only saving grace of this film (and hardly worth mentioning) was the special effects. What little you could see looked fairly decent. Beyond this? The cliché script, jumpy directing, mediocre acting, and flat-out boring plot just left me aggravated that I wasted an entire hour and a half sitting through this film.leprechaun-origins

It’s unfortunate as I was hoping a stellar film would unfold into resurrecting the Leprechaun series (and keep him out of the hood this time), but alas Leprechaun: Origins is one film you should cross off your Halloween marathon list. Not even a few limericks or Warwick Davis could have saved this one.


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